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Eric Wadkins

Software Engineer @ Google - Grad Student - AI/ML Researcher

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Eric Wadkins

Eric Wadkins

MIT '18, M.Eng. Student, Software Engineer, and AI/ML Researcher

I'm a graduate of MIT's Class of 2018 and my passion is Computer Science.
My interests include software design and development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing.

I'm currently a graduate student working towards my Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) degree in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • Master of Engineering in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Engineering
  • Certificate of Advanced Undergraduate Research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Below are some of my skills, and I'm always looking to learn more.

(Somewhat outdated, will update soon. Grad student life is very busy!)

Computer Vision, OpenCV/OpenGL

I have significant research experience in the field of computer vision, including Computer Vision Tools for Locating Nitrogren-Vacancy Centers. I've also created dozens of programs using libraries such as OpenCV and OpenGL – these include my object tracker, collage generator, game engine, ray casting simulation, and many more.

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence

I've worked on many projects involving machine learning, and am currently a machine learning research assistant with the MIT Media Lab. Previous research includes Self-Driving Microscopy: Bayesian Inference for Localization and Autonomous Navigation and the model in Utility Programs for Nitrogen-Vacancy Center Identification and Initialization Analysis. Relevant personal projects include my neural model library, NN trainer library, and NN experiments. I have experience using Tensorflow, PyTorch, and Keras.


I have over 6 years of software development experience in Java, creating games, plugins, and various other applications, including a client request library, content-aware image resizer, audio analyzer, compiler/transpiler, an early version of my OpenGL game engine which I later ported to C++, and many more.


Over the past 3 years, I've had extensive experience with Python in the course of my research, classwork, and personal projects. Some of my personal projects in Python include my Monte Carlo Localization library, smartwatch-controlled presentation tool, financial graph tool, neural model library, NN trainer library, and many more.

JavaScript, HTML, CSS

With a combined 7 years of experience from personal projects and work at Diameter Health, I often develop full-stack applications, consisting of HTML/JavaScript/CSS, various web libraries, and a Node.js/MongoDB backend.


I have over 4 years of experience programming in C++. My C++ projects include a custom game engine using the OpenGL graphics library, and many other projects relating to machine learning and computer vision using the OpenCV computer vision library, such as my collage generator, ray casting simulation, object tracker.


I have extensive experience in Node.js and many of its modules, including Express, Request, Grunt, Mocha, Cheerio, Bcrypt, and Oauth2-server, and have created many of my own, including cda-schematron.

jQuery, Durandal, Bootstrap

I have significant experience using web libraries such as Durandal, jQuery, and Bootstrap to create web applications for many of my professional and personal projects.


With many years of experience using MongoDB for backends, many of my projects utilize Node's MongoDB driver. Working for Diameter Health, I was responsible for using MongoDB databases efficiently and creating services that allowed for easy interaction between web apps and databases.


Personal Projects

Here you can see some of the projects I've done on my own time.

(Somewhat outdated, will update soon. Grad student life is very busy!)

In my free time, I continue to work on personal projects and have many ideas just waiting to be realized.

To see more of my projects...

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A short summary of my work experience..

  • Google
    2019 - Present

    Mountain View, CA

    I currently work as a Software Engineer at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California.

  • MIT Media Lab
    2018 - Present

    MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA

    My research on the AlterEgo project, which I demoed at TED 2019, focuses on developing neural network models for a wearable system that allows humans to converse silently, via electrical signals sent by the brain during internal articulation, with machines, AI assistants, and other people.

  • NASA
    Winter 2018

    NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, MD

    For Winter 2018, I was a machine learning intern at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, where I used machine learning to relate satellite measurements to applications of aerosol science. My project focused on using data from the MODIS Terra and Aqua satellites and GEOS-5 forecasting model to create a neural network model for the prediction of cloud effective radius.

  • Google
    Summer 2017

    Google, Los Angeles, CA

    In Summer 2017, I interned with Google as a Software Engineering Intern in their Venice, Los Angeles office. As a part of the YouTube team, my work included performance enchancements to some of YouTube's internal infrastructure.

  • Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE)
    2017 - 2018

    Research Laboratory of Electronics,
    Cambridge, MA

    As a MITRE Undergraduate Research and Innovation Scholar in the Quantum Photonics Laboratory, my work included developing machine learning and computer vision-enabled systems to automate laboratory processes, such as the detection of nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond. Most recently, I led a year-long project into the creation of a smart microscopy system to enable autonomous laboratory experiments.

  • Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL)

    As an undergraduate researcher, I worked with CSAIL's InfoLab Group to advance their goal of developing intelligent interactive software systems that help people access information and solve problems on human terms. My work there was primarily focused on a video action recognition system.

  • Software Engineer Intern at Diameter Health
    2015 - 2017

    Diameter Health,
    Newton, MA

    Starting with a Summer 2015 software engineering internship and advancing into a part-time position throughout the year and up to February 2017, my work at Diameter Health includes designing and developing automated predictive tools and full-stack applications that serve the healthcare industry through their use of clinical intelligence.

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
    2014 - Present

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology,
    Cambridge, MA

    As a graduate of the Class of 2018 and a M.Eng. candidate in Computer Science/Artificial Intelligence, I continue to take advantage of many of the interesting learning opportunities that MIT has to offer. I am particularly interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and have spent much of my time here focusing on these fields.

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